Vir RC & Siddhant Jain

Vir RC & Siddhant Jain

Kiko Records, Substation Recordings and Rennie Foster

VridianMusic is the shared moniker of Vir RC & Siddhant Jain. Infatuated and charmed by dance culture from when they were just teens, this duo enjoys their time on either side of the DJ console. Having a wide range of musical influences amongst them both and a sure-shot passion for the craft of (appropriate) DJing, VridianMusic is also striving in their time in the studio with releases on imprints such as Kiko Records, Substation Recordings and Rennie Foster.

Gathering inspiration from the music that is now known as Electronica, Deep House and Techno, VridianMusic intends to be a well-rounded establishment for emotive electronic music (not limited to dance music).

The project has become a part of Vancouver's renowned after-hours club Gorg-O-Mish and 2017 has seen the duo release original music internationally, garnering support from the likes of Joseph Capriati, Paco Osuna, Danny Tenaglia, Sam Divine, Rennie Foster, Chris Fortier, FILM, Owen Ni, Ibiza Global Radio, Decoded Mag, DJ Mag IT and many more. With both members now settled back in India, the saga continues. Having traversed Vancouver’s nightlife, the duo has featured alongside acts such as BLOT!, Calm Chor, Djuma Soundsystem, Drunken Kong, Drumcomplex, Isolee, Kohra, SHFT and Pete Oak back here in the homeland.

Played at: Gorg O Mish Afterhours (Vancouver), At The Waldorf (Vancouver), Red Room (Vancouver), The Hindenburg (Vancouver), The Beaumont Studios (Vancouver), Ctrl Alt Dance (Hilltop Goa), Locals District (Kalwar, Rajasthan), Auro Kitchen & Bar (Delhi), Barsoom (New Delhi), SummerHouse Cafe (Delhi), Raasta (Delhi & Mumbai), Euriska (Pune), High Spirits (Pune), Terra Maya (Guwahati), Kitty Su (New Delhi), Mikado (Shillong), Social / AntiSocial (New Delhi)

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