Advance DJ + Producer Course

The Advance DJ + Producer Course provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need to cut right through the industry. It’s a well-known fact of today that DJing and production go hand in hand.

In fact, navigating through today's industry without having a sound and sonic identity of your own is near impossible and this is where the Pro DJ+Producer Course provides not just professional insights into the art of mixing but also the equally important if not more important science of crafting your own tracks.

This course tackles all the advanced and basic aspects of Djing as covered by the Advance DJ + Course, along with an introduction to synthesis, advanced sampling techniques, building your own racks for convenience and implementing them using customizable macros, an introduction to NI Massive, Sylenth and advanced mixing and mastering tools and techniques to give you everything you need to produce, mix and master your own tracks and play them out in the club as well. The following course dives into Logic and Ableton, the most necessary software for any producer and DJ of date.

Advance DJ Training

Level two of the Advanced DJ +training course deals with advanced techniques such as mixing on turntables, CD players and using the mixer for advance effects to not only create a seamless blend between your tracks but also allows you to create moments within your sets using your own variations and customizations of effects to enhance transitions.

This course also includes lessons in Traktor and Rekordbox, which have become absolutely monumental to the art of DJing. This course includes unlimited practice time and guidance from our faculty and founder, whose keen insights into the industry through experience will help you remain a cut above the rest.

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Electronic Music Production & Abelton Advanced Course

The Electronic Music Production Course covers the compositional aspect of electronic music in Logic and Ableton.

The course entails understating the software, using the same to externalize your internal ideas, creating supporting grooves that work on the dance floor, recording and creating your own samples, sound design with the native soft synths while creating your own unique sonic imprint using the DAW to best express yourself musically. A background in music or the software is not required prior to the course since the same covers the daw, starting from the most basic concepts and usability of the same.

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Course Fee

Course Name Duration Fees
Advance DJ + Producer Course 5/6 MONTHS 1,30,000 INR (Excl taxes)