Advance DJ Training + Ableton Live DJ course = Advance DJ + Performer Course

What Will I Learn in This Course?

This course is a combination of our Advance DJ Training and Ableton live DJ programme. Its designed for students who want to learn everything in terms of DJing and live to remix and using Ableton live to create, play and perform, this is the ultimate benchmark for anyone who is trying to expand their skills as a new age or learn from scratch. You will also be taught how to use industry-standard pioneer cd players and mixer, mixing on turntables and using software like Traktor Pro and rekordbox with various midi controllers and how to use them in your sets. It’s a complete course for students who want to learn everything about advance djying and live to mix.

Advance DJ Training

Level two of the Advanced DJ +training course deals with advanced techniques such as mixing on turntables, CD players and using the mixer for advance effects to not only create a seamless blend between your tracks but also allows you to create moments within your sets using your own variations and customizations of effects to enhance transitions.

This course also includes lessons in Traktor and Rekordbox, which have become absolutely monumental to the art of DJing. This course includes unlimited practice time and guidance from our faculty and founder, whose keen insights into the industry through experience will help you remain a cut above the rest.

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Ableton Live DJ Course

Ableton Live is an increasingly popular choice for DJs/Producers who want to take their mixing skills into the 21st century. The Ableton Live DJ / remixing course shows you how to integrate Ableton into your existing DJ set up or perform a DJ set entirely from your laptop.
You'll learn how to set up controllers and mixers plus how to mash up beats and acapellas to create your own unique remixes and re-edits.
This course is designed both for beginners as well as seasoned DJs who want to take a leap further into their career.
From using sampling, to making your own effect racks and chains, and building your custom DJ templates to remixing on the fly is part of this course.

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Course Fee

Course Name Duration Fees
Advance DJ + PERFORMER COURSE 4 MONTHS (part-time/weekends/weekdays) 99,000 INR (Excl taxes)