Advance DJ Training

Level two of the Pro DJ +training course deals with advanced techniques such as mixing on turntables, CD players and using the mixer for advanced effects to not only create a seamless blend between your tracks but also allows you to create moments within your sets using your own variations and customizations of effects to enhance transitions.

This course also includes lessons in Traktor and Rekordbox, which have become absolutely monumental to the art of DJing. This course includes unlimited practice time and guidance from our faculty and founder, whose keen insights into the industry through experience will help you remain a cut above the rest.

Advance DJ Training

Introduction to CD Players

Introduction to Turntables

Catching a beat on Turntables

Introduction to CD Players / Rekordbox

Music Genres, Moods, track selection based on location, time and setting.

Stabs, Chops, Vinyl Effects on CD players

Marketing & Presentation

Critical Listening & the Science of Sound

Setting up a DJ Console, Wiring, Understanding speakers

Connecting a Mic & Mic Etiquette

Sampling & Looping


Music Theory

Mixing in Key, transitioning through different Genres

Playing back to back with other DJs

Using a Laptop and Sound Card for mixing with software

Introduction to MIDI, Traktor and controllers.

Using Tracktor Software and Controllers.

Course Fee

Course Name Duration Fees
Advance DJ Training 2/3 MONTHS 50,000 INR (Excl taxes)