Module: Sound Design

Sound Design

It scales, steps and intervals types of scales in music major, minor, melodic minor, harmonic minor, bluescale, microtonals, chromatics, genre based scales arising in modern music production.


Module: Chords ,Chord Structure and Time Signatures

Chords ,Chord Structure and Time Signatures

Types of chords,formula for various chords like major,minor,diminished,augmented ,suspended,power chord,major chord extensions,minor extensions , their application, concepts of bars and beats ,time signatures,tempo.


Module: Midi Sampling and Synthesis Terminology

Midi Sampling and Synthesis Terminology

Midi input ,functionality,controller based use ,sound processing ,synthetic synthesis, midi sampling,additional midi use in music production.


Module: Introduction To Music Production

Midi Sampling and Synthesis Terminology

Concept ,idea and working of vst ,criteria and categorized study for Vst selection, types of Vsts and getting them ready in a DAW for music creation,definition and descriptive approach for sound synthesis,types of synthesis,their application .


Module: Creation of Music

Creation of Music

Primary approach for elements in a music production, arrangement, sequencing base chords ,bassline, drums, kicks, hats, snares, percussion, toms, rides, fx, sfx, drops, rise, rolls, automation in music scenario, side chains, LFO, synths, leads, basses, sub bass, pads, arps, followed by practicals of the making process.


Module: Debrief And Music Production Steps In Various Genres

Debrief And Music Production Steps In Various Genres

Basic and static approach for genre based music like punjabi,folk,edm,bolly,followed by the practical process of creation,live instruments and their Vst based substitutes, new sound and concept for the generation of unique sound signal in music,vocal chops,types of chopping techniques,distortion based sounds in music production .


Module: Core and Extension Production

Core and Extension Production

This module will lay emphasis on creation by the students i.e.creation of beats,compose based music ,creation of vocal chop,followed by genre based project.

Course Fee

Course Name Duration Fees
MUSIC PRODUCTION COURSE 3 Months 85,000 INR (Excl taxes)