Basic DJ Courses

This is level one of the DJ training course, which tackles the fundamentals of mixing from the grass root level, i.e. on CD players by focusing on the most important concepts of bars, beats, harmonics and their relevance in creating a seamless transition of your favorite sounds.

The course will also delve into different music genres and mixing types to help you adapt to any possible situation in a club atmosphere. The final outcome of the course is for you to create your own mix tape and cast your sonic identity through Sound cloud/ Mix cloud and navigate your way through the industry. Ten hours of practice are also provided apart from the regular classes. Since Adapt academy is a pioneer affiliated and backed school, only the very top of the line and latest mixing gear is used in training.

Basic DJ Course

Introduction to CD Players

Mixing on cd players

Using mixer effects

Music Genres, Moods, track selection based on location, time and setting

Stabs, Chops, Vinyl Effects on CD players

Setting up a DJ Console, Wiring, Understanding speakers

Course Fee

Course Name Duration Fees
BASIC DJ COURSE 1 Month 35,000 INR (Excl taxes)