Ableton Live DJ Course

Ableton Live is an increasingly popular choice for DJs/Producers who want to take their mixing skills into the 21st century. The Ableton Live DJ / remixing course shows you how to integrate Ableton into your existing DJ set up or perform a DJ set entirely from your laptop.
You'll learn how to set up controllers and mixers plus how to mash up beats and acapellas to create your own unique remixes and re-edits.
This course is designed both for beginners as well as seasoned DJs who want to take a leap further into their career.
From using sampling, to making your own effect racks and chains, and building your custom DJ templates to remixing on the fly is part of this course.

Module 1 : Introduction and Setup
1) Setting up your audio card with Ableton Live

2) The Session and Arrangement views

3) Creating your DJ template

4) Loading audio files from the browsers
Module 2 : Wraping Audio Files
1) Organizing your tunes

2) How to use Warp Markers?

3) Warp modes

4) Warping an entire track
Module 3 : Using MIDI Controllers
1) MIDI MODE optimization

2) Using Launchpad

3) Using Ableton push

4) Using livid cntrl r

5) Using Korg nanocontrol

6) Using link
Module 4 : Mash-ups and Remixing
1) Sampling sources

2) Cleaning and editing samples

3) Warping acapellas

4) Extracting acapellas

5) Effects & Processing
Module 5 : DJ's guide to EQ
1) Types of filter and their uses

2) Reverb and Delay, Distortion effects

3) Third party performance effects
Module 6 : Performing with Ableton Live
1) DJing alongside Ableton

2) DJing with Ableton only

3) Performing a Live set

4) Recording your mix

Course Fee

Course Name Duration Fees
ABLETON LIVE DJ / REMIXING COURSE 2 months / 16 classes (part-time / weekends) 65,000 INR (Excl taxes)